The SVKM’s Institute of Pharmacy has an excellent library facility located in the second floor. Library has a seating arrangement for 100 students well furnished with wooden carrel reading tables with separate lighting system and comfortable chairs, National &InternationalJournal & New Book Arrival display racks and one charging and discharging counter. The library collection includes books in various subjects of pharmacy, pharmacopoeias etc. The library also has a separate collection of Reference book

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B. Pharmacy


  • Total No. of Volume: 5132
  • Total No. of Title: 504
  • Reference Book: 517
  • Total Book Cost: ₹. 33,32,139.00/-

Journals / Periodicals

  • Journals/ Periodicals Total : 14
  • Magazine: 04
  • Total cost of Journals: ₹. 63,490/-
  • News Paper: 09

E – Resources

  • Total No. of Database: 02
  • DELNET (Centralize Access from SVKM: DELNET & Elsevier – Science Direct)
  • Total No. of e – Journals: 200 (through–DELNET)


  • National Digital Library, India
  • Swayam (free online education – MHRD.,India)

Library Facilities

  • Photocopy
  • Scanning
  • Internet access

Library Services

  • Reference & Referral Service
  • Multimedia & Digital Library
  • Circulation (Book issue / return)
  • Library Reading Room
  • Bibliography service
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • New Arrival Display
  • CAS (Current Awareness Service)
  • Special Reading Facility for Faculty & Staff

D. Pharmacy


  • Total No. of Volume: 1627
  • Total No. of Title: 206
  • Reference Book: 324
  • Total Book Cost: ₹. 3,68,955/-

Journals / Periodicals

  • Journals/ Periodicals : 04
  • Total cost of Journals: ₹. 13,395/-
  • News Paper : 09

M. Pharmacy


  • Total No. of Volume: 403
  • Total No. of Title: 226
  • Reference Book: 235
  • Total Book Cost: ₹. 2,24,165.00/-

Journals / Periodicals

  • Journals/ Periodicals : 08

Computer Centre :

The Computer centre is equipped with personal computers adequately supported by a 40 mbps shared leased line for Internet connectivity. It is also equipped with a wide range of licensed system software and applications software. The entire campus is connected with Wi-Fi network.
Three computer labs with workstations connected to internet are available for the use of students. Instructors are also regularly available to assist students in planning and implementing their projects.

Library Service :

In order to facilitate the students, the library reading room is kept open 8 hours a day, round the year.

Audio Interactive Language Lab :

SVKM IOP has pioneered the initiative of scientifically assisting students in preparing for group discussions or job interviews by developing an Audio Interactive Language Lab on the campus. This move is mainly directed towards making the students display the right internal personality driven message to recruiters during corporate placement, group discussions or interviews that line up in the campus.

Library staff

Sr. No Name of Person Designation Contact No
1 Mr. Durgesh Suresh Shimpi,
B.Sc., M.L.I.Sc. SET
Librarian 02562-297805

Library Advisory Committee for D. Pharm

Sr. No Name of Person Designation Position Contact No
1 Dr. Sameer N. Goyal Principal Chairman 9552916993
2 Mr. Nandkishor Talware Asst. Professor Member 9881190690
3 Mr. Durgesh Shimpi Asst. Librarian Member 8698621321
4 Miss. Kalyani Pawar Student Member 02562297802
5 Mr. Aniket Kingar Student Member 02562297802

Library Advisory Committee for B. Pharm

Sr. No Name of Person Designation Position Contact No
1 Dr. Sameer N. Goyal Principal Chairman 9552916993
2 Mr. Kiran Patil Asst. Professor Member 02562-297805
3 Mr. Durgesh Shimpi Asst. Librarian Member 02562-297805
4 Mr. Prajwal Nikam Student(T.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805
5 Mr. Pradnya Jain Student(T.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805
6 Mr. Rohit Ahirrao Student(S.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805
7 Miss. Sayali Baviskar Student(S.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805
8 Mr. Prakash Patil Student(F.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805
9 Miss. Pranjal Patil Student(F.Y.B.Pharm.) Member 02562-297805