Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, AICTE, DTE
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai
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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, New Delhi, DTE, Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai



SVKM's Institute of Pharmacy, Dhule is proud to have an active and engaged alumni association. The alumni association was established to maintain a lifelong connection between the institute and its graduates, and to promote interaction and collaboration among the alumni.

The alumni association serves as a platform for alumni to connect, network, and share their experiences with each other. The association also works to support the professional and personal growth of its members by providing career and professional development opportunities, as well as social events and activities.

One of the main objectives of the alumni association is to support the institute's mission of providing high-quality education and training to its students. Alumni members contribute their expertise and resources to help the institute in achieving its goals, such as providing mentoring students, and supporting research and development activities.

The alumni association also helps to strengthen the institute's relationship with the broader community. Alumni members participate in community service activities, and serve as ambassadors of the institute, promoting its reputation and values.

Overall, the alumni association of SVKM's Institute of Pharmacy, Dhule is a vibrant community of graduates who are committed to their alma mater and to each other. They serve as a testament to the institute's commitment to excellence and to the transformative power of education.


Alumni Batch 2018-2022

Sr. No. Name of Alumni E. Mail ID.
1. Bachhav Vishal Sanjaybhai charliebachhav1990@gmail.com
2. Bhavsar Mrunalini Bapu ombhavsar10@gmail.com
3. Chavan Sarang Ajaykumar sarangchavan143@gmail.com
4. Deore Ujwal Avinash ujwaldeore86@gmail.com
5. Girase Harshal Chandrasing harshalchgirase88@gmail.com
6. Girase Vikrantsing Sangramsing vikrantg2142@gmail.com
7. Jadhav Rohit Kachru djadhav60@gmail.com
8. Jagtap Manjeet Narendra jayjagtap7758@gmail.com
9. Kundu Shreejita Subir subir.1024@gmail.com
10. Pardeshi Gauravkumar Sanjaysing gr8899369@gmail.com
11. Patil Amol Anantrao rjpatil5890@gmail.com
12. Patil Raj Anna rajrajput71199@gmial.com
13. Potdar Sumit Pramod psp123@gmail.com
14. Suryawanshi Dhananjay Vikas vikassuryawanshi1970@gmail.com
15. Wagh Hemant Hemant hemantwagh147@gmail.com
16. Ahire Charushila Pravin pravinahire412@gmail.com
17. Ahirrao Rohit Mohan rohitnavate251400@gmail.com
18. Amale Pratiksha Ritesh pratikshaa9665@gmail.com
19. Amrutkar Abhishek Gokul amrutkarabhishek0056@gmail.com
20. Amrutkar Snehal Sanjay snehalss096@gmail.com
21. Badgujar Shreyas Prakash shreyaspbadgujar@gmail.com
22. Bagad Kamlesh Arun kamleshbagad9@gmail.com
23. Bagul Kalpesh Kailas kalpeshbagul124@gmail.com
24. Baisane Siddharth Ishwar sibaisane2904@gmail.com
25. Bajaj Aanchal Subhash subhash39bajaj.sb@gmail.com
26. Baviskar Sayali Arun baviskarsayali33@gmail.com
27. Bhadane Khushaboo Praksh samikshawani55@gmail.com
28. Bhamare Pradip Chhagan pradipbhamare43@gmail.com
29. Bhamare Rohit Prabhakar rohitprabhakarbhamare@gmail.com
30. Bhamare Tanuja Murlidhar tanuja.bhamare@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
31. Bobade Shruti Ravindra shrutibobade15@gmail.com
32. Borse Pooja Sanjay poojaborse164@gmail.com
33. Borse Sayali Kailas sayalikborse@gmail.com
34. Buwa Vaishnavi Vinod buwavaishani@gmail.com
35. Chaudhari Dhiraj Bhaidas d8806946291@gmail.com
36. Chaudhari Karishma Sanjay chaudhariharshal84@gmail.com
37. Chaudhari Prashant Chandrakant rahulchaudhari02000@gmail.com
38. Chavan Gaurav Sagarraj gaurav.chavan@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
39. Chavhan Manoj Dhanaraj manojchavhan057@gmail.com
40. Deore Rucha Sanjay ruchadeore66526@gmail.com
41. Dhage Aarati Dattatray dhagedattatray4212@gmail.com
42. Dhangar Jagdish Ishwar jagdishd.7887@gmail.com
43. Dhavle Venkatesh Rushikesh vrdhavle@gmail.com
44. Dhumal Vikas Sunil vikasdhumal6308@gmail.com
45. Dorik Jyoti Santosh jyotidorik@gmail.com
46. Dudhate Gyanoji Uttamrao gyanojidudhate1234@gmail.com
47. Gamit Shweta Shankar shwetagamit002@gmail.com
48. Girase Himanshu Sham himanshugirase2@gmail.com
49. Gunjal Varsha Madhukar varsha11099@gmail.com
50. Gyani Mariya Mansoor mariya.gyani@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
51. Jagdev Dinesh Nanabhau dineshjagdev1234@gmail.com
52. Jain Ankita Anil ankitajain2550@gmail.com
53. Kewlani Mohit Pahlajraj kewlanimohit0@gmail.com
54. Khairnar Tanaya Deepak tanayakhairnar78@gmail.com
55. Koli Hemakshi Mukesh hemakshimk@gmail.com
56. Koli Poonam Vitthal poonamkoli138@gmail.com
57. Mahajan Devyani Deoram devyani1882000@gmail.com
58. Mahajan Poonam Arhunbhai ekdostlove@gmail.com
59. Mahale Dnyaneshwari Praksh dmahale1022@gmail.com
60. Mali Nilesh Rajesh nileshmali7161@gmail.com
61. More Gayatri Nandu gayatri.more1@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
62. More Pratik Ravindra pratikmore0205@gmail.com
63. More Pritam Bharat pritammore1999@gmail.com
64. Moreskar Abhishek Sunil abhisheksm792@gmail.com
65. Munde Vishal Balasaheb mundevishal9130@gmail.com
66. Mundke Radhika Nandkumar rnmundke44@gmail.com
67. Nikam Mahesh Dharmendra nikammahesh306@gmail.com
68. Patil Avinash Ravindra sudammore79@gmail.com
69. Patil Bhushan Gokul bhushan.patil10@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
70. Patil Chetana Devidas chetanapatil180800@gmail.com
71. Patil Divya Lalit depupatil171@gmail.com
72. Patil Gitanjali Jijabrao gitanjali2pratap@gmail.com
73. Patil Harshal Pravin harshal17062000@gmail.com
74. Patil Himanshu Suresh dadupatil9513@gmail.com
75. Patil Jayesh Chhotu patiljayesh45193@gmail.com
76. Patil Jayeshkumar Atmaram patiljayesh992000@gmail.com
77. Patil Kalyani Ashok kalyani05022001@gmail.com
78. Patil Pranjali Sunil pranjali.patil@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
79. Patil Prerna Rajendra prerna.patil2@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
80. Patil Saurav Madhavrao sauravpatil28012001@gmail.com
81. Patil Shrikrushna Bhagwan shrikrushnapatil32@gmail.com
82. Patil Shubham Sanjay shubham.patil13@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
83. Patil Vivek Rajendra vp84715@gmail.com
84. Patil Yogendra Satish yogendra.patil@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
85. Patil Vivek Sudhakar vivekpatil88797@gmail.com
86. Patkar Smit Vijay smitpatkar00@gmail.com
87. Pawankar Gayatri Harish gayatri9130@gmail.com
88. Pawar Himanshu Sanjay himanshu.pawar@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
89. Pawar Rohit Vilas 55rohitpawar@gmail.com
90. Pingale Ruchita Nandkishor ruchita.pingale@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
91. Salunke Gauravi Sanjay gauravi.salunke@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
92. Shah Hiral Yogesh hiralshah0317@gmail.com
93. Shaikh Mohammad Mudassir Javeed javeed1674@gmail.com
94. Shaikh Mudassir Alimoddin mudassir.shaikh@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
95. Sharma Devanshi Niranjan devanshisharma864@gmail.com
96. Sharma Radhika Anandkumar rasharmars45@gmail.com
97. Sharma Rarchita M S Vasudeva contactdnani@gmail.com
98. Shende Samiksha Sachin samiksha.shende@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
99. Shimpi Yukta Anan yuktashimpicsn@gmail.com
100. Shirode Kadambari Kishor krshirode@gmail.com
101. Shirsath Nikhil Vinod nikhilshirsath177@gmail.com
102. Shirsath Tejas Sanjay tejasshirsath62@gmail.com
103. Shukla Gayatri Shekhar shuklagayatri084@gmail.com
104. Shukla Ritvika Arvind ritvikashukla14@gmail.com
105. Somvanshi Bhagyashri Venkat bhagyashrisomvanshi64@gmail.com
106. Sonawane Nikita Gokul nikita.sonawane@svkmmumbai.onmicrosoft.com
107. Sonawane Tejas Satyaprakash tejassonawane152@gmail.com
108. Suryawanshi Rahul Pandurang rp977299@gmail.com
109. Waghare Darshan Sharad darshuwaghare@gmail.com
110. Wankhede Swapnil Vishram swapnilwankhede555@gmail.com
111. Yeole Rushikesh Ravindra rushikeshyeole111@gmail.com
112. Ahire Kalyani Laxman dsp19101361@gmail.com
113. Aruja Divya Kailash dsp19102513@gmail.com
114. Aruja Yash Rajesh dsp19100782@gmail.com
115. Chaudhari Akshay DSP19100770@gmail.com
116. Dharamshi Yukta Hitendra dsp19100228@gmail.com
117. Patil Megharaj Shantilal dsp19101526@gmail.com
118. Patil Nilesh Kalyan dsp19105002@gmail.com
119. Patil Rahul Dnyaneshwar dsp19104947@gmail.com
120. Rathod Pawan Sitaram dsp19102501@gmail.com
121. Saiyyad Jafarali Rahematali dsp19101453@gmail.com
122. Shah Sakshi Swapnil dsp19101062@gmail.com
123. Shirsath Kamini Ravindra dsp19100479@gmail.com

Alumni Batch 2017-2021

Sr. No. Name of Alumni E. Mail ID.
1. Agrawal Rachi Sunil palashagrawal033@gmail.com
2. Ahire Sagar Bapu sagarbapuahire97@gmail.com
3. Ahirrao Darshan Jamnadas chetanahirrao68@gmail.com
4. Akhare Sachin Dnyaneshwar sachinaakhare123@gmail.com
5. Amale Shubham Rajendra amaleshubham999@gmail.com
6. Amritkar Saurabh Gajanan 61299saurbhamritkar@gmail.com
7. Bansal Nikita Sanjay agrawal033@gmail.com
8. Baviskar Yash Satish yashbaviskar1999@gmail.com
9. Bhalerao Yogesh Nanasaheb yogeshbhaleraopatil100@gmail.com
10. Bhamre Renuka Shivaji renukabhamre2425@gmail.com
11. Bhavsar Aarya Makarand bjm3006@gmail.com
12. Borse Nikhil Prakash nikhilborse1@gmail.com
13. Changale Shashwat Mahesh changleshashwat10@gmail.com
14. Chaudhari Dimpal Raju rajuchaudhari48142@gmail.com
15. Chaudhari Khushal Eknath khushalchaudhari82@gmail.com
16. Chaudhari Mansi Vipin mansichaudhari98@gmail.com
17. Chaudhari Mohit Ravindra mohitmali710@gmail.com
18. Deore Yadnesha Ravindra ravideore1996@gmail.com
19. Desale Neha Pradip nehadesale55@gmail.com
20. Deshmukh Vinay Sharad vinaydeshmukh35@gmail.com
21. Gajghate Payal Sunil akolaonline@gmail.com
22. Garkar Rushikesh Somnath rushisgarkar2000@gmail.com
23. Ingale Rushikesh Ramkrishnababa rushikeshingale2016@gmail.com
24. Ishi Rupesh Subhash rupeshishi8871@gmail.com
25. Jadhav Mayuri Murlidhar mangeshjadhav7030@gmail.com
26. Jain Pradnya Vijay pvjain22@gmail.com
27. Jaware Kranti Dilip kantijaware123@gmail.com
28. Khatik Sohil Aarif sakhatik97@rediffmail.com
29. Khope Rashmi Ganesh rashmikhope35@gmail.com
30. Mahajan Kalyani Rushikesh kalyanimahajan2000@gmail.com
31. Mahajan Pooja Dipak mahajanpooja2000@gmail.com
32. Mahajan Rushikesh Baban mahajanrushikesh4455@gmail.com
33. Mane Shubham Bhimrao smetkari@rediffmail.com
34. Modi Krupaben Shaileshkumar krupamodi07@gmail.com
35. Nikam Bhavesh Hemant bhaveshn2017@gmail.com
36. Nikam Prajwal Sanjay prajwalnikam1999@gmail.com
37. Nikhade Saket Anant saketnik@gmail.com
38. Pakhale Shubham Ravindra shubhampakhale28@gmail.com
39. Pande Abhishek Ajit santosh15322@gmail.com
40. Patil Aishwary Chandrakant aishwary.patil1999@gmail.com
41. Patil Chetan Ishwar chetanpatil2000@gmail.com
42. Patil Dhiraj Sanjay dhirajdesale2021@gmail.com
43. Patil Harshal Sanjay patilharshal241299@gmail.com
44. Patil Hitesh Prakash hitupatil99@gmail.com
45. Patil Jayesh Arun jayeshap07@rediffmail.com
46. Patil Jayesh Rajesh sonawanejayesh24@gmail.com
47. Patil Kirti Laxmanrao patilbhaktrajl1112@gmail.com
48. Patil Komal Rajendra kpatil5588@gmail.com
49. Patil Lokesh Yuvraj lokeshpatil313@gmail.com
50. Patil Nikita Babulal patilnikitababulal@gmail.com
51. Patil Nilesh Yashwant nilparva@gmail.com
52. Patil Pooja Chandrakant vilaspharma007@gmail.com
53. Patil Pradnya Ujjwal Pradnyaupatil29@gmail.com
54. Patil Sanjay Chatur patilsanjay2030@gmail.com
55. Patil Saurabh Ajay saurabhpatil4236@gmail.com
56. Patil Shruti Abhay abhaypatil381@gmail.com
57. Patil Sunil Valmik junctioncyber1@gmail.com
58. Patil Vaishali Bapurao ashokpatil1451@gmail.com
59. Patil Vivek Bharat bharatpatil6369@gmail.com
60. Patil Yogeshwari Kashinath yogeshwarikpatil@gmail.com
61. Patwari Hiren Sunil hirenpatwari19@gmail.com
62. Pawar Ankita Manohar vilaspharma007@gmail.com
63. Pawar Pratik Rajendra rajendrapawar8911@gmail.com
64. Punjabi Nikhil Ajaykumar nnikhilpunjabi@gmail.com
65. Purohit Shubham Dilip shubhampurohit170@gmail.com
66. Rajput Hrishikesh Anil hrishikeshrajput2@gmail.com
67. Ramugade Tanvi Mohan tanvi.m.ramugade@gmail.com
68. Saner Urmila Sanjay sanerurmila@gmail.com
69. Shah Miit Hemal miitshah007@gmail.com
70. Shirsath Pranali Vijay pranalivs03@rediffmail.com
71. Sikhwal Damodhar Balaprasad sikhwald@gmail.com
72. Solanki Chandrapalsing Virendrasing chandrapalsolanki15@gmail.com
73. Sonar Monika Niteen namrata.sonar92@gmail.com
74. Sonawane Prafulla Kailas h.d.mahajan@gmail.com
75. Sonawane Ujwal Gajanan sonawaneujwal88@gmail.com
76. Sonje Dhiraj Prafulla dhirajsonje1999@gmail.com
77. Wagh Sakshi Dattatray sakshiwagh2000feb1@gmail.com
78. Amrutkar Harshada Kiran harshdaa51@gmail.com
79. Ansari Mohd Nujaim Inamul Hasan ansarinujaim0698@gmail.com
80. Brahmankar Ganesh Balkrushna ganeshbrahmankar@gmail.com
81. Chavan Prasad Kishor chavanpk1998@gmail.com
82. Jadhav Dudhamal Dharasing sakyodj143@gamil.com
83. Jadhav Gauri Dharma gaurijadhav78472@gmail.com
84. Jain Ashwini Sanjay ashwanikhivasara5@gmail.com
85. Kothawade Ujjwal Kaildip ujjwalkothawade30@gmail.com
86. Medewar Yogesh Balaji yashmedewar4141@gmail.com
87. Patil Mayur Sanjay mayursp99@gmail.com
88. Patil Poonam Yogesh poonampatil031298@gmail.com
89. Patil Rajashree Jagannath rajashreepatil22@gmail.com
90. Sharma Vishnu Krushanawatar 9175021605svks@gmail.vom
91. Soni Ankita Kishor ankita.soni947@gmail.com
92. Tupe Amol Laxman amoltupe5301@gmail.com
93. Vayase Pritam Uddhav pritamwayse922@gmail.com
94. Yeshi Tejaswi Anil tejuyeshi180398@gmail.com

Distinguished Alumni

Alumni Activities

Sr. No. Name of Activity. Date Report
1. Interactive Session with NIPERian Alumnus. 27/10/ 2022 View Report
2. Interactive Session with NIPERian Alumnus. 1/11/ 2022 View Report
3. Book Donation by Alumni. 16/10/2022 View Report
4. Preplacement Interaction of Students. 16/10/2022 View Report
5. Alumni Meet Rikne Act- 2022. 16/10/2022 View Report

Alumni Speak

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