Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, AICTE, DTE
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai
  (02562) 297802, 297602
Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, New Delhi, DTE, Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai


Sr. No. Title of Event Theme Year
1. Guest Lecture on "Thermal analysis” Research Methodology 2022
2. Guest Lecture on "An Insight on Applications of HPTLC in Phytochemical Analysis” Research Methodology 2022
3. Workshop on "Design your personality by using A2Z traits” Entrepreneurship 2022
4. Workshop on "Continuous Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry and Process Analytical Technology" Research Methodology 2022
5. Workshop on "Start-ups, Entrepreneurship and Funding - Opportunities in Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Life Sciences” IPR, Entrepreneurship 2022
6. Workshop on "IPR for Academic and Industrial Aspirants” IPR 2022
7. Workshop on "Art of Writing Research Grant Proposals” Research Methodology 2022
8. International Webinar on "Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery” Research Methodology 2022
9. Guest lecture on "Gender Sensitization” Entrepreneurship 2021
10. Guest lecture on "Legal Aspects in Patent and IPR” IPR 2021
11. Guest lecture on "Applications of Microbiology in Pharmaceutical Industries” Research Methodology 2021
12. Guest Lecture on "A Career Guide to Medical Writing” Entrepreneurship 2021
13. Workshop on "Soft skills and personality development” Entrepreneurship 2021
14. Guest lecture on "Success Mantras for Career Planning" Entrepreneurship 2021
15. Guest lecture on "Chromatography - a Versatile Analytical Technique” Research Methodology 2021
16. Seminar on "Soft Skills Kinesics for Professional Growth for the students and faculty” Entrepreneurship 2021
17. Online workshop on "Soft Skill Development” Entrepreneurship 2021
18. Workshop on NEP-2020: Road Ahead for Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy, Dhule IPR, Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship 2020
19. Online Webinar on "New Horizons in the Pharma Sphere” IPR, Entrepreneurship 2020
20. Webinar on "How New Norms are Changing the employment landscape for pharma graduates?” Entrepreneurship 2020
21. Webinar on Chromatographic Technique "HPLC-Fundamentals-Application-Troubleshooting" Research Methodology 2020
22. Guest lecture on "Motivation to get higher education in Pharmacy" IPR, Entrepreneurship 2020
23. Guest lecture on "Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing" Entrepreneurship 2020
24. Guest lecture on "Positive Attitude- A Key to Success" Entrepreneurship 2020
25. Guest lecture on "Financial Literacy" Entrepreneurship 2020
26. Online workshop on "Soft Skill Training” Entrepreneurship 2020
27. One week workshop on "Women’s Self-Defense” Entrepreneurship 2020
28. Workshop on "Insights of Instrument Handling" Research Methodology 2019
29. Guest lecture on "Current Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry" Research Methodology 2019
30. Workshop on "Digital Literacy in Women” Entrepreneurship 2019
31. Guest lecture on "Hypnotherapy & Personality Development" Entrepreneurship 2019
32. Workshop on Motivation: "Live with Spark - Social campaign against depression” Entrepreneurship 2019
33. Workshop on "Communication and Employability Enhancement Skill” Entrepreneurship 2019
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