Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, AICTE, DTE
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai
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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, New Delhi, DTE, Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai




India is one of the youngest nation in world with an average age in between 28-32. Any nation develops/grows with youth, so, inculcating a strong character like service to mankind is service to nation” and "Not me but you” is of paramount necessity.

The institute has made its noteworthy role to the society and environment by raising several social issues like primary health education amongst rural/tribal women, digital literacy, importance of hygiene and cleanliness, tree plantation, counselling for rejoining of school drop-out student etc. thus, helped in building institute-neighborhood community network.

Institute has established self-financed unit under National Social Service Scheme approved by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere Raigad, involving students from different caste and creed for their holistic development. Under the banner of NSS the institute has organized seminars, workshops, trainings, rallies, street plays, residential camps and other social activities in order to create cognizance in society. Many of them are organized in collaboration with government and non-government organizations. Above mentioned programs were planned, categorized and executed according to following government schemes.

  1. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan: Cleanathons, Hygiene Awareness Camp, Tree Plantations, etc.
  2. Swasth Bharat Abhiyan: Health checkup camp, Blood donation camp, etc.
  3. SarvaShiksha Abhiyan: Counselling for School Drop-out Students, etc.
  4. Community Pharmacy: World Hepatitis Day, Mental Health Day, Osteoporosis Day, Patient Safety Day, etc.
  5. Miscellaneous: Street Plays, Rallies, SDRF workshop, fire safety training etc.

National Service Scheme Committee for the A. Y. 2022-23

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Sameer N. Goyal Chairman
2. Dr. Bhushan R. Drravyakar Program Officer
3. Mr. Mahendra V. Khairnar Secretary
4. Mr. Abdulla K. Sherikar Member Secretary
5. Mr. Surse Harshal S. Student Coordinator (IV Y. B. Ph.)
6. Ms. Talware Sakshi R. Student Coordinator (IV Y. B. Ph.)
7. Mr. Chaudhari Bhushan P. Member (III Y. B. Ph.)
8. Ms. Shah Anery Member (III Y. B. Ph.)
9. Mr. Patil Jayesh P. Member (II Y. B. Ph.)
10. Mr. Patil Karishma S. Member (II Y. B. Ph.)

List of NSS volunteersfor A. Y. 2022-23

Sr. No. Name Class Category
1 Sonawane Dhananjay Anil IV Y B Ph Open
2 Suruse harshal sunil IV Y B Ph OBC
3 Bahalkar Nikita Satish IV Y B Ph OBC
4 Nimbalkar yashwardhan Rajneesh IV Y B Ph Open
5 Chavan Jayesh Pradip IV Y B Ph OBC
6 Ade Aniket Ravishankar IV Y B Ph DT/VJ
7 Pathak Saurav Vansant IV Y B Ph Open
8 Panchpande Hemal Eknath IV Y B Ph OBC
9 Ahire jay Bhausaheb IV Y B Ph OBC
10 PAtil Aboli IV Y B Ph OBC
11 Chaudhary Ritesh Devidas IV Y B Ph OBC
12 Bhamare Prjwal Sanjay IV Y B Ph OBC
13 Patil Pranjal Anil IV Y B Ph OBC
14 Vispute MohiniPravin IV Y B Ph OBC
15 Jashi Khushi Devendra IV Y B Ph Open
16 Lulla Nikhil Sunil IV Y B Ph Open(Minority)
17 Patil SiddhikaDattatraya IV Y B Ph OBC
18 Talware SakshiRamchandra IV Y B Ph OBC
19 Wani Yutika Sudam IV Y B Ph OBC
20 Jaisinghani Likshit Sntoshkumar IV Y B Ph Open
21 Jagtap Darshana Pankaj IV Y B Ph SC
22 Tak Gautam Jitendra IV Y B Ph OBC
23 Waghela Isha Kishore IV Y B Ph SC
24 Deore Pranjal Sahebrao IV Y B Ph SC
25 Rajeshwari Vijay Kachave III Y B Ph OBC
26 Vedant Ganesh Shimpi III Y B Ph OBC
27 Manish Rajendra Sonar III Y B Ph OBC
28 Vipul Sunil Chaudhari III Y B Ph OBC
29 Darshan Ramesh Suryawanshi III Y B Ph OBC
30 Rushikesh Santosh Adhav III Y B Ph Open
31 Patil Mansi Bhagwat III Y B Ph OBC
32 Anery Shah P. III Y B Ph Open (Minority)
33 Sandip Sanjay Mali III Y B Ph OBC
34 Patil Vishal Jaydeo III Y B Ph NT-C
35 Chaudhari Bhushan Prakash III Y B Ph OBC
36 Dhamane Ritesh Jagdish III Y B Ph OBC
37 Saurabh Devendra Shirude III Y B Ph OBC
38 Ahire Sachin Rohidas III Y B Ph SC
39 More Mohini Lahu III Y B Ph SC
40 Apurva Sunil Jire III Y B Ph OBC
41 Ganesh Chandrakant Badgujar III Y B Ph OBC
42 Vaishnavi Devidas Desale. III Y B Ph OBC
43 Chaudhari Raj V. III Y B Ph OBC
44 Damini Anil Patil III Y B Ph OBC
45 Divya Sanjay Deore III Y B Ph OBC
46 Aadil Sattar Shaikh II Y B Ph OPEN
47 Patil KarishmaShalik II Y B Ph OBC
48 Awez Amanuddin Sikkalgar II Y B Ph NT
49 Patil jayesh prakash II Y B Ph OBC
50 Hitesh Gurudatta Patil II Y B Ph OBC

NSS Activity

Sr. No. NSS Activity Date No. of Participants Download
Academic Year 2017-18
1 Cleanathon 43120 70 Report
2 Tree Plantation 43120 70 Report
Academic Year 2018-19
3 Yoga Day Celebration 43272 15 Report
4 Health Checkup camp 43323 19 Report
5 Tree Plantation 43323 46 Report
6 Cleanathon 43323 59 Report
7 Session on Current Paradigms of Women’s Health Care 43379 103 Report
8 World Pharamcist Day 43368 172 Report
9 The Malnutrition among pregnant women in Tribal areas of North Maharashtra. 01-4-2018 to 01-04-2019 70 Report
10 Workshop on Digital literacy for women Sponsored by Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Mumbai 43789 205 Report
Academic Year 2019-20
Yoga Day Celebration 43637 96 Report
11 Tree Plantation 43652 45 Report
12 International Women’s Day 43532 115 Report
13 World Hepatitis Day 43674 72 Report
14 World Mental Health Day 43748 126 Report
15 World Osteoporosis Day 43758 29 Report
16 World Patient Safety Day 43725 15 Report
Academic Year 2020-21
17 World Pharamcist Day 43733 267 Report
18 Tree Plantation 44088 50 Report
19 Fit India Prabhatpheri 44170 139 Report
20 District Youth Parliament Festival 44193 1 Report
21 Majhi Vasundhara 1/01/2021 to 15/01/2021 48 Report
22 Shivswarajya Din Celebration- Lecture by Mr. Harshal Patil 44500 320 Report
23 6th International Yoga Day-Session by Yog Guru Mr. Jayant Vibhandik 44368 103 Report
24 International Women’s Day 44263 97 Report
Academic Year 2021-22
25 World Hepatitis Day 44405 42 Report
26 World Mental Health Day 44479 53 Report
27 World Osteoporosis Day 44489 23 Report
29 World Pharmacist Day 44464 68 Report
30 National Youth Day Celebration 44208 50 Report
31 Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 44443 179 Report
32 Tree Plantation 44452 49 Report
33 Blood Donation Camp 44453 242 Report
34 Free Covid-19 Vaccination Drive 44483 39 Report
35 National Unity Day Celebration 44499 402 Report
36 Tree Plantation 44592 38 Report
37 Constitutional Democracy Quiz 44620 157 Report
38 Swachh Amrit Mahotsav 44646 35 Report
39 "Clean India Green India” Tree Plantation Drive 44660 50 Report
40 National Service Camp 29-30-04-2022 50 Report
Academic Year 2022-23
41 Shivswarajya Din Celebration 44718 50 Report
42 International Women’s Day 44628 320 Report
43 World Hepatitis Day 44770 27 Report
44 World Mental Health Day 44844 33 Report
45 World Osteoporosis Day 44854 36 Report
46 International Yoga Day 44733 36 Report
47 One day training session on disaster management 44746 203 Report
48 Samuh Rashtragit Gayan 44790 322 Report
49 World First Aid-Day Celebration 11-09-202 325 Report
50 Mega Blood Donation Camp 44818 45 Report
51 Book Donation at Z.P. School Dahyane 44831 27 Report
52 Health Checkup camp- Preventive Cardiac Test 44833 30 Report
53 Fire safety and Emergency Mock Drill Session 44840 268 Report
54 Massive Plastic Waste Collection Day 44849 26 Report
55 National Unity Day Celebration 44865 324 Report
56 Jan Jati Gaurav Din 44880 60 Report
57 Cleanathon: Gram Swachhata Abhiyan 28-30/11/2022 50 Report
58 Tree Plantation 44894 50 Report
59 Counselling of School dropout students/Parents 28-29/11/2022 50 Report
60 AIDS awareness Rally 44894 50 Report
61 Health Check Up Camp ay Dahyane 44898 50 Report
62 Woman Empowerment Session at Dahyane 44897 50 Report
63 Session on Ayushyaman Bharat scheme at Dahyane 02-03/12/2022 50 Report
64 Shiv-Jayanti Cleaning campaign at Laling Fort 44976 50 Report

Awards / Recognitions / Appreciations

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