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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
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Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai


Tech-driven excellence

In this era when everything is tech-driven and data-driven; education imparting centers must also be high-tech. SVKM’s Institute of Pharmacy is committed to provided not only world-class experience in terms of infrastructure, pedagogy, and overall development of two crucial stakeholders that is students and teaching staff but also to providing technology-driven approaches in daily functioning. It has always been the priority of the institute to incorporate technology in various departments like teaching-learning, research, students’ attendance record, safety and security, library, comfortable study and stay, green campus initiatives, office automation, etc. Following sections elaborate on how we have tech-driven excellence in different domains:

  • Safety and security: 24x7 RF-IR guided entry and exit systems are in practice from safety and security point of view. Each staff member and student compulsorily punch her/his I card along with registering her/his fingerprints to enter and exit the institute through a flap barrier which is continuously under CCTV surveillance besides a tight vigil of security guards. A highly efficient, automatic, and flawless smoke/fire detection and control system is in practice under the guidance of dedicated staff. A centralized fire control/management system is laced with an alarm system, the mechanism to identify the location of the fire on screen, a centralized rescue announcement system, and manual call points (MCPs) to address fire hazards without any delay.

  • Green and clean campus: To ensure a pollution-free campus and as part of green initiatives, the institute has e-vehicles to ferry staff, parents, and visitors from the campus entrance to the institute. The rooftop of the pharmacy institute has solar panel installed on it, to be self-sufficient in generating electricity. LEDs are fixed in the entire institute as part of reducing the consumption of electricity and saving resources.

  • Fitness (Health &hygiene): Ultramodern gym facility is there in the campus hostel for girls and boys separately, and for faculty members. Gym instruments are from the house of prestigious Technogym.

  • Office automation: Institute has implemented renowned ERP software (SAP)to monitor attendance, entry, and exit. SAP ID is generated for each staff and student through a centrally acting team. For monitoring and implementing training and appraisal of staff members famous ORACLE system is in practice to ensure timely, transparent, hassle-free dissemination and implementation of policies like leave, training programs and others. The individual staff member can access various options in Oracle using individually assigned login credentials. The entire leave system like application, approval, and balance left, is managed through the ORACLE platform only. All-in-one password-protected photocopier, with facilities for scanning, two sides automatic printing, copying, and direct storage into USB after scanning, is available in the office and all departments for faculty members.

  • Amenities: 4 high-speed, ultra-modern elevators are there in the institute for all members of the institute and visitors as well. Inside the lift, there is a button panel that has Braille symbols inscribed on it for visually impaired persons. A centralized RO water system and centralized AC system make campus life more comfortable and productive. High-end laundry machines are there in hostels which further aid in the comfort of hostellers. A sophisticated automatic button-operated wheelchair is there for differently-abled (Divyangjan) persons so that without manual operation and anyone’s help they can navigate the chair easily.

  • IT support: Institute also offers state-of-the-art integrated IT infrastructures such as compatible high-end servers, backup management, uninterrupted Wi-Fi (100 mb/s) besides high-bandwidth internet connection. Faculty members and students are provided with individual Wi-Fi password. All the staff has been provided with all in one PCs. The intercom (Cisco) facility is there in each department, library, laboratory and other sections as well, for faster communication. A sufficient number of Wi-Firouters, scanners, printers, system software, and application software are available. When a faculty member joins the institute her/his IT profile is set in such a manner that using a single password s/he can access all the related systems like:
    • Interactive-intelligent panel (65” smartboard in each classroom)
    • Personal desktop in her/his cubicle
    • Wi-Fi
    • SAP
    • Oracle
    • Outlook
    • MOODLE
    • NMIMS portal
    • MS-Team

  • Teaching and learning: High-end air-conditioned classrooms are there for all divisions and all courses. Each classroom has a 65” smart board(interactive-intelligent panel from the house of SENSES) installed, in which inbuilt tools are there to engage students. These technology-driven classrooms have mechanisms to play videos with good-quality audio to bring students closer to the concept or subject matter. Classrooms are soundproof to avoid disturbance from the outer environment. Students of all classes are well-versed with these latest technologies.
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