Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, AICTE, DTE
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai
  (02562) 297802, 297602
Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's
Approved by PCI, New Delhi, DTE, Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra
Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere & MSBTE Mumbai




  1. To decide academic workload of individual Faculty & supporting staff members and prepare time table, Roll list, Practical batches Local Guardian scheme as per Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere (DBATU) guidelines.
  2. Preparation of Academic calendar and keep it for approval at College Development Committee. After approval its display on the class notice board.
  3. To activate SAP portal to inform students attendance on monthly basis.
  4. To identify & notify students defaulter/detention list before commencement of sessional exams.
  5. Ensuring completion of syllabus on time & verification of syllabus completion status regularly.
  6. Preparation, up gradation and standardization of lab manuals before the commencement of the semester.
  7. Collection & verification of course material & PPT from faculty.
  8. Coordinating with library committee to ensure availability of all the required books as per syllabus before commencement of each semester.
  9. Verifying internal marks & scripts which are accepted & signed by the students. Submission of internal marks to examination department and in DBATU University portal.
  10. Submission of any other required report to Exam section.
  11. To ensure that the time span allotted for examinations shall be strictly followed by Examination dept.
  12. Preparation of list of slow learners & advance learners in each class & ensuring improvement in result by conducting remedial classes, extra tests etc. Identifying guiding them for further improvement.
  13. Preparation of remedial classes schedule for failure students in ensuring better results.
  14. Ensuring conduction of co-curricular activities like personality development lectures, guest lectures workshops & seminar as per academic calendar.
  15. To work and report in accordance with ordinances of DBAT University, Lonere
  16. The committee should submit their recommendations to the principal.
  17. Meeting: The above Academic planning committee will meet minimum thrice in every semester.



Sr. No Name of Member Designation in Organisation Designation in Committee
1. Dr. Sameer N. Goyal Principal Chairman
2. Dr. Raju R. Wadekar Academic Incharge Member
3. Mr. Mrugendra Potdar Exam Incharge Member
4. Mr. Abdulla K. Sherikar First Year B Pharmacy Class Co-ordinator Member
5. Dr. Usman Siddique Second Year B Pharmacy Class Co-ordinator Member
6. Dr. Tulshidas S. Patil Third Year B Pharmacy Class Co-ordinator Member
7. Dr. Nayan A. Gujarathi Final Year B Pharmacy Class Co-ordinator Member


No. Name of Member Designation Position Contact No.
1 Dr.SameerGoyal Principal Chairman 9552916993
2 Mr.ChetankumarSonawane HOD Head of Department 9403284201
3 Mr.NandkishorTalware Lecturer Faculty Representative 9881190690
4 Ms.RevatiDeore Lecturer Faculty Representative 2562297802
5 Mr.MuzammilHusain Lecturer Faculty Representative 7972164313
6 Mr.Anmol Suryavanshi Registrar Admin Representative 7972134944


Functions of the IAMC:

  • To approve the Academic calendar and monitor its adherence.
  • To supervise the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the program.
  • To implement the curriculum implementation and assessment norms provided by MSBTE and maintenance of the documents and assessment records.
  • To conduct the Academic audit twice in a year.
  • Monitoring of proper utilization of budget by the programs.
  • To collect and analyse the feedback from stakeholders.



No. Name of Member Designation Position Contact No.
1 Dr.Sameer Goyal Principal Chairman 9552916993
2 Dr. Bhushan Dravyakar Associate Professor Member 9158947999
3 Dr.Kiran Aher Assistant Professor Member 9860058053
4 Mr.Pradeep Bawane Assistant Professor Member 9960084812
5 Mr.Chetankumar Sonawane HOD Member 9403284201


Functions of AAC:

  • Review academic activities periodically as per the ICIU guidelines.
  • Collect and review faculty feedback from student and appropriate action accordingly.
  • To cross check the implementation of Academic Calendar.
  • Implement the suggestions given by EAMC.
  • Review the result analysis and take necessary measures wherever required



No. Name of Member Designation Position Contact No.
1 Dr.Ajay Pasari Management Representative 02562-297802
2 Dr.Sameer Goyal Principal 9552916993
3 Mr. Chetankumar Sonawane Head of Department 9403284201
4 Mr. Nandkishor Talware Academic coordinator 9881190690
Ms.Revati Deore Lecturer 02562-297802
Mr. Tosh Patil Lecturer 7588882099
Mr. Muzammil Shaikh Lecturer 7972164313
5 Mr.Faisal Shaikh Student Representatives 02562-297802
Ms. Sakshi Targe Student Representatives 02562-297802
6 Mr. Saurav Patil Parents Representatives 02562-297802
Ms. Sakshi Agrawal Parents Representatives 02562-297802


Functions of ICIU:

  • Study curriculum development process & prepare curriculum implementation plan at institute level.
  • Identify the resource gaps at institute level & develop plan to make up the deficiencies.
  • Plan the Academic Calendar of the institute level taking into consideration the calendar of MSBTE.
  • Guide the departments regarding the philosophy of curriculum design & its implementation.
  • Ensure uniform implementation of MSBTE norms for student assessment.
  • Analyze the reports of internal & external monitoring committees & take remedial action.
  • Maintain the records of all activities in the prescribed proformas.



  1. Periodically reviewing the progress of the classes.
  2. Discussing the problems concerning curriculum, syllabus and the conduct of classes.
  3. Discussing with the course teachers on the nature and scope of assessment for the course and the same shall be announced to the students at the beginning of respective semesters.
  4. Communicating its recommendation to the Head of the institution on academic matters.
  5. The committee should submit their recommendations to the principal.
  6. Meeting: The Programme Committee shall meet at least twice in a semester, preferably at the end of each sessional exam and before the end semester exam.


Sr. No Name of Member Designation in Organisation Designation in Committee
1. Dr. M. RaghuPrasad Professor&HoD Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chairman
2. Dr. Kiran Aher HoD Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Dept. Member
3. Dr. Yogeeta Goyal HoD Pharmaceutics Dept. Member
4. Dr. Kartik Nakhate HoD Pharmacology Dept. Member
5. Ms. Ruchita Pingale First Y M Pharmacy –Pharma. Chemistry Member
6. Mr. Ishwar Deshmukh First Y M Pharmacy -PQA Member
7. Mr. Darshan Kothari First Y M Pharmacy –Pharmaceutics Member
8. Ms. Kamini Shirsath First Y M Pharmacy -Pharmacology Member
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